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Top 5 Dreadlock Tips You Should Know!

Updated: 5 days ago

1: There are many different ways of locing dreads.

Such as twisting, rip & twist, use of wax, backcomb & crochet technique etc. We at Dreadit use the most natural way of forming locks we believe. (Not as natural as free form locs of course), we back comb your hair and use a crochet needle to pull through strands of hairs through your loc. Which forms knots and eventually (almost instant!) dreadlocks!

2: It can be painful.

The scale of pain usually varies depending on how sensitive your scalp is. And don't let that put you off, it can be painful only near the root, once the root is done the rest of the loc won't hurt. So the pain (or funny sensation) comes in waves. But some people don't feel anything at all and end up falling asleep! (Most our client don't feel anything. Some feel a pulling sensation but not much pain, and a very small amount (about 2% of our clients feel pain) but we do our best to go at your own pace and help you through the experience.

3: Keep your locs dry.

It is quite important to make sure you dry your locs sufficiently after washes. We understand that it takes a while to blow dry locs. You can wash your hair in the morning and just let it dry throughout the day. Also going to bed with damp locs can lead to mould developing in your locs. Don't be alarmed as it is quite rare but nevertheless avoid sleeping on wet locs!

4: Dreadlocks are not permanent.

Every now and then we get a change of heart and strive for something new. So it's not rare for people wanting to get back to normal hair and that's okay... Dreadlocks can be brushed out. It is a bit of a lengthy process but it is achievable with a little bit of patience. So, don't get discouraged when thinking to start your loc journey!

5: Not using too many products.

Essentially you got the locs for an easier, less hassle hair style right? You can keep it that way. Dreadlocks do end up looking after themselves (mostly!) So unless you are having scalp problems, don't overdo it on the products... You want to be as natural as possible. Also a top tip: Coconut oil is one of the best products for your scalp and locs, preferably organic.

So here is our Top 5 tips for your Dreadlock journey.

Love & light

Aimee & Dan

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