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Where we make your loc dreams into reality!


Dreadit, based in Dorset, UK, is a mobile specialist in locs. We specialise in crafting dreadlocks for all hair types and lengths. Whether you desire natural dreadlocks or long locs with extensions, you can count on us to expertly bring your dream loc style to life!

Did you know that creating natural dreadlocks can take months or even years? Why not speed up the process by using our professional and highly-experienced locticians? 


If you're ready to embark on your dreadlock journey, we're here to help you get started.

Contact us, to learn more about the process!


Mobile Dreadlock Specialists,
Dorset, UK

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Instant Locs: Creating fully locked dreadlocks “instantly” with the backcomb & crochet method (no other products!)
Loc Extensions: Adding permanent extensions to your new locs or to your current locs for extra length and/or thickness.

Temporary Synthetic Loc Braid-Ins: A temporary approach to locs, where we braid in synthetic extensions to your hair. For those wanting a loc style which can be easily put in and taken out.
Root Tidy: Where your hair grows, you will have loose hair at the roots. We use the crochet hook technique to brings in all the loose hairs & tighten up your locs.
Full Maintenance: A root to tip maintenance, to make the whole length of your loc tidy & repair any bumps or weak points.

Repairs: Smaller appointment to repair any bumps or weak points.


"Join the 'DreadIt' family today!"

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Some kind words from our lovely clients...



"Aimee and Dan are such a lovely people and they took really good care of my dreadlocks! I become their regular client and I cannot imagine to leave them anytime soon! I would recommend them a 100% to everyone who want to start their journey with dreadlocks or they already started it and they need someone who can take good care of them and make them look just Beautiful!"



"Would very much like to recommend Dreadit for your dreadlock journey."

"Aimee and Dan are the most friendliest people I have meet, they are both very warm and welcoming spirts, instantly connected and chilled for several hours while on the first visit having my hair crafted into dreadlocks and on the second visit for some amazing dreadlocks maintenance, each time was super pleased with the dreadlocks, they are both very skilled dread technicians also came away feeling like I had the most chilled time relaxing with two amazing people. Thank you both for all your help."



"Admittedly I was a little anxious before she arrived (I’d not seen many people in months) but I had nothing to worry about, she was warm, friendly and very caring with my hair. I was impressed with how quickly she worked and how much she’d managed to achieve in the time she was here. My roots are tidy and the thickness has retuned. Very happy with the results and am looking forward to having her over one day in the future for new tips. Bonus, she can come to you! Highly recommend!"

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