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The Importance of Loc Maintenance

Updated: Apr 8

Having locs isn't as simple as seeing a loctician once, getting loc'd up and then forgetting you have them on your head! Locs do need some love and care to make sure they remain healthy. Now, I don't mean that you have to wash them loads, roll them everyday, get them maintained every few weeks - no... but they do require specific shampoo, regular maintenance with me / your own loctician to make sure they keep strong and healthy.

Unloved locs can get weak at points and risk falling out! That isn't what you want after spending your time and money getting them made! If you have recently got your locs made, I would recommend seeing me / your own loctician every 3 months at least to ensure they form well in the beginning of your loc journey. After a year, you wouldn't need such regular maintenance. Some people like to have maintenance every 6-12 months to ensure they look nice and tidy, or to improve their strength and overall forming.

How often you see your loctician is completely up to you - some people love their locs super neat with no fluff, so would naturally visit their loctician more than those who don't mind them being a little bit messy! But it is essential to keep an eye on your locs - and if you notice any weak points, get booked in and reduce the risk of fall outs!

Contact me to get your own personalised quote and book in your appointment today.

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