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The Story Behind DreadIt.

Updated: May 16

Many years ago, my ex boyfriend had his locs made locally and he wasn't quite happy with the partings and the overall style of them (not to discredit the work of someone else at all, they just weren't to his preference). We then planned a big adventure and drove from Dorset to Bulgaria - where his Father lives, up in the mountains. As we knew we would have a week of relaxing there and not a HUGE amount to do, he asked me “do you reckon you could un-do them and make them from scratch, if I get you a crochet hook?". "Why not give it a try!" I said...

We had the most fantastic and memorable trip driving to Bulgaria and when we arrived, I did a bit of research online and we started to dismantle and recreate his locs! This took a good few days in total but his new dreadlocks were made (PHEW!). Although this took such a long time (which neither of us expected, lol), I somewhat enjoyed the whole process and seeing how happy he was with his new locs! He was so much happier with my loc style, which was very rewarding for me!

I continued to tidy up his dreads for many years, and slowly friends and friends-of-friends heard about my new found “skill”. I started making more dreads locally and these people kept coming back for their maintenance too!

All these years later, and my vision is to create an ethical, accessible and affordable dreadlock service with a twist. I love to do appointments in nature if we can! (during summer in the van or at a lovely view point!)

Get in touch and we can discuss your needs/wants and get you your quote today!



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